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We provide the best training for guitars with true and authentic learning modules, designed by experienced faculties specialized in building understanding between you and the instrument. 

Piano / Keyboard

Discover the many colours of sounds best known to human life, Piano/ Keyboard is one of the greatest and honored instrument on earth. Lets learn it through Soundkraft, which gives you the best training within Hyderabad.


Is it true that you want to be a violinist or desire to best violin player so you can rock the stage and people near you. Then, there is no better place than Soundkraft.


A drummer in the locality and he/she is looked as a pearl in a big blue ocean. Do you aspire to be the drummer the greatest bands near you are looking for? Come down for a demo session in any of our branches.


Sound of a Flute is like a honey drop for a music devotee. If you want to be the one  who is looking for flute classes near by your city then please contact us more details.


Embrace the sensation of flying with your voice. Soundkraft provides you the best and unique ways, tips to develop the perfect voice. We train in Hindustani, Karnatic and Western.